Eric Godon

Eric Godon
Photo credit: Marie-Hélène Tercafs

Recent/Major Credits

Undergods (a feature film by Chino Moya/Vennerfilms)

A l'ombre des filles (a feature film by Etienne Comar)

Freaks out (a feature film by Gabriele Mainetti/Goone Films)

Calibro 9 (a feature film by Toni D'Angelo)

Anna (a feature film by Luc Besson/Europacorp)

GR5 (a mini TV series by Jan Mathys/Zodiak Production)

Greenhouse Academy (a Netflix TV series created by Gyora Chamizer/Shamayim-Nutz Productions)

Yummy! (a feature film by Lars Damoiseaux/A team Productions)

Rebelles (a feature film by Allan Mauduit/Albertine Productions)

The Halcyon (an ITV drama series)

Legends - season 2 (a TNT-Fox 21 series )

Pilgrimage (a feature film by Brendan Muldowney/Savage Productions)

The missing - season 1 (a BBC series)

Fishing without nets (a feature film by Cutter Hodierne /Produced by Vice - Sundance 2014 best director’s award)

In Bruges (a feature film by Martin Mc Donagh/Blueprint Pictures)

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In Bruges

Physical Appearance

Playing age : 50-60

Height : 1,82m

Broad shoulders, athletic

Eyes :grey/ green

Hair : Grey


Fluent: French, English, German, Dutch
Basic knowledge and good accent: Spanish, Italian, Russian